Don’t Underestimate Email Marketing in 2018

Posted by on 21 February, 2018

When you have a website, whether you’re you’re an affiliate or a product owner, all you want to do is get as much targeted traffic as possible.

But that can be costly so you do whatever you can to not waste it. So if you aren’t collecting emails and building a list from your site, you need to change that.

According to The DMA, when it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), when compared to social, direct mail and more.

It’s because you’re sending your message to targeted traffic – “The money is in the list”, after all.

Remember . . .

Everything you do costs money, and, even if it doesn’t cost you money, it costs you time, and time is money. You pay to get visitors to your site – even free search engine traffic has a cost. Writing content takes time, as does social media management and research.

Paid traffic can be daunting to begin with, especially when you think about how you’ve only got one chance to sell.

But e-mail gives you a second chance. That’s why you need to build a list. When you have the visitors at your mercy, create a little an ‘opt-in’ on your site, a little ‘sign up to newsletter’ form maybe in exchange for a valuable special report.

Think about it, imagine how much more of a chance you’ve got of making a sale if your visitors saw your pitch more than once. So much more.

So long as you’re legitimately collecting e-mail addresses through a proper auto-responder, you can follow up as often as you want. If you don’t, you’re likely to have your account shut down pretty fast.

Once you have the customer hooked, offer something else like a ‘One Time Offer’ (OTO). As soon as they’ve subscribed, have a go at sending them to an OTO page where you pitch something else that’s equally appealing to your niche. Or, you can offer a discount, ‘One Time Only’ obviously, on your main product.

Everyone’s bought an OTO before.

Whether you’re promoting your own stuff or you’re an affiliate promoting for a commission, they’re very powerful and can have excellent conversion rates. It’s all extra, easy income.

So how do you get this rolling?

It’s simple to set up and very cost effective.

You have to use one of the big trusted providers like Aweber, MailChimp or GetResponse. These are ‘whitelisted’ with big email companies, so they have delivery rates of over 95%. Ensuring your emails reach your subscribers is a must, or you’re simply wasting your time and money.

You should start with an account which will cover your first 500 to 1000 subscribers then as you build your list you can upgrade, as it’s a sliding cost depending on how many subscribers you have.

More subscribers will create more sales, so it will all pay for itself over time.

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll design a simple form for your site with the in-house drag and drop tool, and from there you can just paste it into your site on a sidebar or as a pop-up – whatever takes your fancy.

You then create your e-mails in the builder, assign the autoresponder that will send to all your subscribers, then jobs a good’un.

So for example, once a visitor signs up, you can set a welcome e-mail to send straight away or another promo email which would explain the benefits of your product and why you should use it for example.

If you receive promotional and sales e-mails yourself, you can see how persuasive they can be. If you’re an affiliate you can do exactly the same and promote the main product you’re an affiliate for.

So, how do you get your visitors to sign-up?

>Bribe them. Give them something valuable in exchange for their email. You’ve more than likely seen lots of these opt-in form online.

Why did you subscribe to them? Were they offering something extra special?

Next time you see an opt-in or sign-up form, have a quick think about how you could transfer that to your business. And sign-up to a few of your competitors or companies in your niche’s e-mails and take some inspiration from them. It’s great research.

Our tips to help you build like a pro

1: Don’t sell in every e-mail

For the average affiliate or product owner, it’s much better to offer more value and keep your subscribers coming back for more, rather than just sending out e-mail after e-mail with very little worth attached. You can do this with tips and ideas which will improve their lives in whatever niche you’re invested in.

So here are some generic ones which could work in any niche (also, if you have their first or last name, you can personalise the e-mails).

“[First name], when X gets tough, we’ve got your back”
“Hey, quick heads up”
“Are you still interested in [solving X]”

You’ve got to try and lure them in, grab their attention and offer a reason to want to read your e-mail.

2: Test your headlines

You need to test and keep testing, till you find a winner. People respond to different things and it’s no good presuming you have the best headline to draw subscribers in.

It may be nothing like you thought.

Also, remember that the purpose of the subject line is to get the reader to open the email, so don’t use it to try and sell. And, if you are an affiliate sending to a sales page in the email, just pre-sell a little and build up the excitement as the sales page will do the brunt of the selling for you.

newsletter email marketing

3: Test your opt-in bait

Try different opt-in freebies to see how they affect conversions. You may find something that people love so you can build your list quicker. Testing the combination of blurb and bait can bring magnificent results when you hit the right spot.

All it costs you is time.

Although you can look at what others are doing in your niche, don’t be afraid to try something different, as long as it’s still relevant and useful.

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